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What are Zombies?

What is a Zombie Exactly, and why should I be worried?

Very good Question!

Zombies, by definition, are the undead, but let's see if we can't explain that a little further, shall we?

The way Zombies come to be Zombies is still a little bit of a mystery, and whatever research has been done certainly isn't available to the public, much of the information we have is at least somewhat questionable, so the advice we give on this website is the best we can do based on the information we have available to us.

With the exceptions of a few recent hollywood movies, the conventional wisdom about Zombies tells us a few things about them, and these are the tyes of creatures this website is based upon.

Zombies have little more going on in their minds besides the amazing urge to eat human flesh, some people speculate that Zombies are indeed mindless, and the seeming urge to eat human flesh is less of a thought, and more of some kind of perverted instinct brought out by whatever it was that made them Zombies in the first place.

Generally, Zombies are slow, and have little use of their motor Skills beyond walking, and ripping you limb from limb.

Here's an image that should help you to more easily identify Zombies:

zombie identification