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Pre-Zombie Outbreak Preparedness

Question: "What can I do to be prepared for a Zombie outbreak/invasion?"

If you're reading this page, you've already taken the first step towards being prepared. You're getting as much information as possible before hand. You've come to the realization that the pending Zombie invasion is a serious threat. Now the Question is, what to do about it?

Keep doing what you're doing now, read as much as possible about Zombies, and consider joining our forum to keep up to date on the latest in Zombie tech and preparedness.

Consider getting some good easily storable food, MRE's are a great thing for this, they last for years on the shelf, and provide plenty of nourishment to keep you energized in the heat of the battle. Canned food is good too, but consider picking up some P-38 can openers from an online retailer or your local army/navy store, because there's nothing worse than starving to death with can's of food all around you, and the kitchen can opener isn't going to be something you'll think of when Zombies are beating the door down to get to you.

This is a good time to think about Flashlights and Batteries. Flashlights generally do come down to getting what you pay for, but there are notable exceptions, check out the gear section of the forums for flashlight reviews, as well as reviews of other equipment that might be useful. Batteries will become a commodity in the invasion, and while looting might produce a stock after the Sh-t has hit the fan, counting on that would be less than wise, and always having a good supply of the cells needed to power your gear is a good idea.

More about batteries; While rechargeable batteries seem like a great idea, and they are, they should be supplemented with good primary cells as well, my personal favorite for long run times, and good shelf life are lithium primaries. If you're going the route of rechargeable batteries along with your primaries, remember that charging opportunities might be uncommon, so consider the long shelf life rechargeable batteries. (Sanyo one-loop for example)

As you may know, The only way to effectively "kill" a zombie is by destroying it's brain, or severing it's head from it's body, so when thinking of weapons to use remember that fact. A bludgeon to the head is normally effective, We'll talk about guns in the next few paragraphs, for now, we'll talk blunt force and edged weapons. A machete is a decent weapon for severing a Zombies neck, but remember the goal is to avoid being that close to a Zombie (or worse, a crowd of Zombies!) Other items that have been reported to be effective against Zombies (that you might not normally think of) include Hockey sticks, Golf Clubs, fireplace pokers, baseball bats, aw hell, pretty much anything you can come up with to strike a hard blow. Remember though, once a Zombie is in arms reach, you've already reduced your chances by at least 50%

Most people, when shopping for anti-Zombie guns, look for the biggest, and most powerful they can get their hands on. I believe that this is a mistake in most instances. Taking account for the fact that Zombies are normally at least partially decomposed by the time they become a threat, and the fact that they're relatively slow moving, I think that there are generally two things to look for in a gun:

1. Does it have a readily available cartridge? Having the biggest baddest gun on the block might be cool, but if it takes a hard to find round, it'll be nothing more than a bludgeon when it comes down to it. Availability of ammunition varies geographically, and that should be taken into account when deciding on a firearm. But my overall favorite round for everything Zombie related is the .22LR. No it's not powerful, in fact it's one of the least powerful rounds out there, but it's enough to stop a Zombie in it's tracks. It's also very accessible, You can buy .22 ammo at almost any country store, and it's cheap. The .22 is also very quiet, and can be used for hunting on a sustenance level without drawing more attention than necessary. For dealing with Hordes of Zombies, as will be found in and around major cities shortly after an invasion, I would also choose the 12 gauge shotgun. Load that gun with buckshot (also easily available) and level it at their shoulders, and fire away. The buckshot should be effective for dealing with crowds out to a distance of 40 yards or so.

2. Can you wield it effectively if injured? It would really suck to lose an arm, but if you did, could you still use that smoke-pole? I recommend at least one handgun for every person in your party, Whatever you can get your hands on if it comes down to it, but it should be something everyone can be comfortable using.

For more information about anti-Zombie guns, see the link to the left

Now that you've got a basic Preparedness outline, check out the forum, and see more details of the plans that other people have!

If you've got information that you'd like to see added to this page, Email me using the link at the bottom of this page.