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In Depth Zombie survival

Assuming you're here either gathering information to make your Zombie preparation plan, or you're in the midst of a Zombie Situation, These are some basic guidelines to help you survive the night, and not be a Zombie in the morning:

Zombies are scary, so it's perfectly understandable if you're panicked, but as much as that might be your first reaction, you've got to fight it. This is the time for a cool head, you might try to have some chamomile tea, as it calms the nerves. If tea isn't an option, water from an aluminum canteen can suffice just as well, whatever you do, don't get dehydrated.

Alright, so you're a little more relaxed (or at least a little better hydrated) and you're trying to figure out how to deal with this Zombie hoard that's surrounding your house.

Take a stock of what assets you have, it may sound cruel, but your Wife's little Chihuahua might actually be useful for something now! Zombies will chase a dog,we don't know why, but it might buy you a few minutes when you need it most. I wouldn't recommend telling your wife that the reason you're bringing "muffy" with you is to use her as a distraction, if you do, you might have as much to worry about inside the house as outside.

Other things that can be assets might include: Food in forms that can be transported and stored without too much fuss. Candles. Flashlights (but only with the requisite batteries.) Firearms. Ammunition. The "Braveheart" sword your mother didn't want you to buy, but you knew some-day you'd have a use for it. Gasoline. (Matches.) Etc.

So, you'd probably thought about all of those things already, right? Well here's a list of the things you might not have thought about: Toilet paper. Can opener. Bottle opener. Condoms (they have a lot of uses, besides the ones you might first think of.) Aspirin (and other pain killers.) Calamine lotion. Dish soap (it's more concentrated than hand soap, and generally doesn't leave the same types of scent behind, remember Zombies have a good sense of smell) Duct tape (okay, you might have thought of that one, who do you think you are? Macgyver?)

There are of course, lots of other things that would be very handy, but if you've got all that, you're doing pretty well in a Zombie infestation.

When on the run from the Zombies, it would be wise to keep your wits about you, that means among other things, alcohol and drug use should be avoided. Don't get me wrong, I know that it's exactly the kind of time that a good stiff drink would be really great, but remember, you'd rather be a little tense, than the main course.

Try to be quiet, Zombies have good hearing, and they recognize certain sounds, the same way a cat recognizes the electric can opener. When you have to hunt for food, do so as quietly as possible, no point catching dinner if a Zombie catches you for dinner as a result. Small caliber firearms make less noise, but also consider things like bows and blowguns for sustenance hunting ( a bow could be effective against a Zombie as well, but with the only viable target being the head, I wouldn't recommend it as a primary weapon)

If you're in a group (and God help you if you aren't!) always post sufficient guards to keep watch over your safe haven. Volunteer to be a guard yourself, as often as you can, no-one watches your hide better than you do.

Have a long term plan for either eradicating the Zombie population, or finding a Zombie free place to settle. These things aren't getting any better.

Remember that these Zombies are not the people they used to be, just because she looks like grandma (albeit with half of her face flesh hanging off the bone) she is no longer grandma! Shoot that B-tch in the head!

As much as possible, keep in contact with other UI's (UnInfected) and make plans together to work towards the goal of long term survival.

Also note: Not all people who survive will be good people, some of them were jerks, thieves and genrealy bad people before all this started, so keep a close eye on your women, children and supplies when first interacting with strangers. Just because your mindset is that you're all in this together, they might not think the same way.

Check the Forum for more info on tactics

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